Cool Instagram Names 101 – A Guide For UI/UX

Take some time before settling on a cool Instagram name handle for yourself—there's more at stake than just being able to find your profiles more easily.
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    cool instagram names

    What defines the cool Instagram names of 2021/2022? The answer to that question depends on what you’re trying to accomplish with your Instagram account. Your chosen name reflects who you are, what you love, and how you want to be viewed by the world.

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    How to update your Instagram handle – So you can get cool Instagram names for yourself.

    You can update your Instagram handle at any time, and it’ll be reflected on all of your previously posted photos and videos. To change a username:

    1. Log in to the Instagram account you’d like to edit.
    2. Click “Edit Profile” from the menu on the right side of the page.
    3. Type your new username into the field that pops up, then hit “Done editing” to save your changes.
    4. Instagram will ask you to verify whether or not you’d like to change the username before posting anything.
    5. Once you’ve changed your name and confirmed it’s correct, all of your old photos and videos will be updated with your new handle.

    The next step is to create a strong Instagram name that reflects what you have to offer.

    Pick the right one, and it can increase your engagement with people around the world. By picking the wrong one, you’ll miss opportunities for growth—and eventually lose followers altogether.

    A healthy list of Do’s, Do Nots and Tips when creating cool Instagram names.



    • Cool Instagram names ARE case-sensitive, so you’ll want to use the same capitalization every time — and keeping it consistent will also help people find you in search more easily.
    • For better engagement and less confusion, make sure everyone immediately knows exactly what you’re all about.
    • If you use something like #abcd123z, it’ll be difficult for people to find your account.
    • If you think about your Cool Instagram names as business names, it’ll be easier to come up with something that sums up your personality and talents in an easy-to-remember way.
    • Make sure people can tell what you’re all about before they follow you, even if they only see your account’s Instagram name for few seconds.

    THE DO’S

    • Do avoid using spaces or underscores when coming up with your cool Instagram names handle.
    • Do use hashtags in your username to attract people with similar interests.
    • Do use a common phrase or your name as a hashtag. You will be able to connect with people who didn’t know about your account until now.
    • Do use cool Instagram names that are easy for others to spell and understand, even if it’s not your real name.
    • Do choose cool Instagram names that shows off what you have to offer.


    • Do NOT include personal information that could be used against you.
    • Do NOT use generic names if you’re trying to grow your following, or you could end up with a lot of spam followers.
    • Do NOT use the same Instagram name as someone else, even if it’s not directly connected to you (like your pet).
    • Do NOT start your cool Instagram names with a capital letter (unless it’s the first word in your handle) – This could make your profile appear unprofessional or spammy, and it’s also more difficult for people to find.
    • Do NOT be afraid of keeping the same username for a long time.
      You can always change it later if necessary (and you can always redirect followers to your new account, too).
    • Do NOT try to buy Instagram usernames from other people—you’ll just be proving that you’re not serious about your presence on the site.


    • Do include numbers in your Instagram handle if they’re easy for someone to remember—but don’t include too many digits or make them too random.

    How to generate a list of cool instagram names.

    Getting an Instagram name can be difficult – but there are methods to apply:

    Apply A Formula

    If you are looking for Cool Instagram Names, here’s how to generate a list.

    Let’s say u want Cool Instagram Names, you can simply apply a formula of your liking – for example:

    Cool Instagram + Your Name.



    Artificial Intelligence: Ask Jarvis

    An easy method for quickly generating a lot of names fast is to ask Jarvis to do the heavy lifting for you.

    1. Sign Up for an Account at Jarvis
      Here is 10k Free Words (
    2. Go to the Long Form Assistant
    3. Ask Jarvis to do things for you for example

    ] Make a list of Random [Instagram Usernames]

    ] What is a random cool Instagram username that includes the name UX?


    Why is it important to have a cool Instagram name?

    Cool Instagram names are important because they help attract the right people to your content — they are also good for business too.

    Getting the right name for you can be tricky but working through the Do’s and Don’t and with a little AI help – coming up with something that works is now easier than ever.


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