Cute Small Drawings List [UX Club Public Release 2021]

If you're looking for cute small drawings in your next project such as a frog, turtle or panda then our UX Experts have put together just the list for you :)
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    Cute Small Drawings

    Cute small drawings can be fun when you are completing User Experience (UI/UX), Graphic Design, Web Development projects. 

    They are also great to add some jazz to your social media output on Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok or Instagram and it comes a time where you need to differentiate or add some variety to your imagery.

    So if you’re looking for that cute little frog, turtle, or panda then our resident UX Experts have just the list for you. They have compiled some really cute small drawings you can add to your next project that is sure to keep things fun and add a little something extra.

    We find this style of artwork works as a great source of inspiration as part of the UI/UX design and development process – especially with design thinking tasks such as Brainstorming, Wireframing, Prototyping and Mockups. 

    Usually, these sorts of lists reserved for our UX Club members only, but today we are giving this one away as “UX Club Public Release” to all our readers.

    You’re welcome.

    No Attribution: Cute Small Drawings.


    1. FreePik
    FreePik has a bunch of drawing-based imagery to search and download with plenty of free and No Attribution based options available for UX’ers to explore.

    2. Pixabay
    A bunch of great free cute small drawings you can use in your next UI/UX project. Ideal because they’re free for commercial use with no attribution required.

    3. Vecteezy
    A really great site when you’re doing any Vector-based work such as Adobe Illustrator or animation-style projects. They have a bunch of really cute small drawings to download here.


    Inspiration: Cute Small Drawings.


    1. Pinterest
    A collection collated by Rosie Fortune has a bunch of really cute small drawings – worth a look.

    2. Etsy
    While these are paid prints, stickers and collections – they provide an invaluable source of inspiration when searching for cute small drawings and artwork.


    Learn To Make Your Own: Cute Small Drawings.


    1. Artful Haven
    Artful Haven has put together a guide on how to draw several cute little drawings you can use within your next UX project to give it some extra personality.

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