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The Google Docs Checklist is a pre-made Google Doc template designed to help teams keep track of their goals, tasks, and progress. It is completely customizable to each team's unique needs. The checklist will help teams become more productive by keeping them on task for the duration of a project, ensuring that no important steps are missed or forgotten.
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    To access the Google Docs Checklist Template Freebie simply enter your Name and Google Docs Email address above. You will be prompted with a confirmation email followed shortly after will an access link to the template.


    The process to access the Google Docs Checklist:

    • Grab the Checklist – enter your name and Google Email in the box above.
    • Check your emails – for the direct access link to the Template.
    • Click FILE > Make a Copy : This will create a version for yourself to keep.
    • Edit and use as much as you like 🙂

    When is the Google Docs Checklist most commonly used?

    The Google Docs Checklist is used by Google Doc users to keep themselves or their team members on task and ensure that all-important tasks are completed during the duration of a project.

    Google Docs Checklists can be especially useful for teams who work well together but might forget some steps in a larger project.

    Are there any rules to consider when using a Google Docs Checklist?

    You can use Google Docs to create checklists for pretty much anything. From grocery lists to packing lists, to work tasks — Google Docs is flexible enough to be used effectively with most processes.

    The following is some do’s and do not items to keep in mind when thinking about creating your next checklist:

    • Do use Google Docs Checklist for tasks that are actionable and goal-oriented.
    • Do use Google Docs Checklists to manage small and medium projects.
    • Do ‘copy’ Google Docs templates to create your own unique lists.
    • Do share Google Docs templates with your team members for collaboration
    • Do NOT include items that are not relevant or necessary for the task at hand.
    • Do NOT include items that will cause clutter or confusion.
    • Do NOT use Google Docs Checklist as a substitute for instructions or manuals
    • Do NOT forget that Google Docs templates are fully customizable!

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