Must Have UX Skills For The Elite Modern Day UX’er [2021]

Better talent, higher expectations and a clearer understanding of what we do... here is some key ingredients for today's UX'er.
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    Must Have UX Skills

    User Experience (UX) has gone through a changing of the guard over the past five years. It’s now an industry that has more/better talent, higher expectations and clearer understanding of what it is we actually do to help companies win. 

    As such here is 10 must have UX skills every modern day UX’er should possess. 

    There will be a bunch of top 10 lists out there and they’re all probably pretty good… this is just our take on what we think is important for the modern day UX’er in 2021.

    We will run with the fact that this list isn’t in any particular order…  but if it was going to be an ordered list this would still be ranked at number 1.


    1. #1 Must have UX skill – Have a great attitude!

    Get your attitude right – It is the number 1 must have user experience (UX) skill to have. Without this – you may as well do something else. Both the head on your shoulders and your design attitude. You don’t show up then you don’t get to play.


    2. Be DRY

    Stop repeating yourself – today.

    Set yourself up to work smarter not harder. Reuse libraries and assets wherever possible and instead make sure they’re fantastic quality rather than junk over and over again.

    3. Improve your reading & research

    Read more, and more and more and improve those UX research skills. This is a must have UX skill everyone can always improve on.

    They’re imperative. There is always something for the UX’er to learn and improve in their research process.

    4. Collaborate & share more.

    Don’t hog the bread! Share your stuff and others will share with you. 

    Find like minded people with similar goals and you might be surprised at the magic that happens.

    5. Improve your wire-framing & prototyping.

    It’s pretty simple really… As a must have UX skill – If you want to be a master of UX you’re going to want to have some pretty sharp wireframing and prototyping skills.

    Even if you end up leading teams you’ll still spend time managing these assets so you’ll need to get your hands dirty at some point so better to know how to drive the bus.

    6. The best must have UX skill – Find youself a mentor.

    Find yourself a mentor in the space and learn from their mistakes…

    Probably the one thing that can be done by anyone in the space that will not only advance careers the fastest but will make you a better UX’er all round.

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