Super Playstation Twitter User Experience Delivered [2021]

The PlayStation Twitter account is the best place for PS6 news and info. We know the PS5 life cycle is expected to last about six or seven years - which means we likely will not see the PS6 until at least 2025/2026.
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    playstation twitter

    PlayStation Twitter almost broke the internet recently when they announced that they would be releasing the PS6. The announcement had PlayStation users excited for their new console, but it also brought out PlayStation’s haters (aka Xbox fans) to voice their opinions about PlayStation on social media.

    History of the Sony PlayStation.

    Sony first release the original PlayStation in 1994 in PlayStation’s homeland of Japan. fast forward to about 20 years later and PlayStation has become the go-to game console for PlayStation fans worldwide. 

    PlayStation users are dedicated to PlayStation and PlayStation games, but PlayStation isn’t without their haters (aka Xbox users).

    In 2014, PlayStation revealed PlayStation vita PlayStation TV, PlayStation Now, PlayStation game streaming service, PlayStation mobile, PlayStation games on demand (streaming), and PlayStation 2015 lineup of games at the 2014 E3 PlayStation conference.

    Haters started talking smack on Twitter within minutes of PlayStation’s announcement about PlayStation Now. Fans were quick to point out that PlayStation Now was completely different from the game streaming service, but the haters didn’t care and continued to bring up PlayStation game streaming service all night long.

    Many PlayStation gamers have already purchased a PlayStation 4 console and would only play playstation Now games, so gamers were quick to voice their opinions about PlayStation Now and users were unable to play PlayStation’s exclusive PS4 titles.

    PlayStation has been dominating the console market since 1994, but it also has strong opposition from Xbox.

    User Experience Walkthrough of the PS5.

    As the PS6 isn’t going to be our for a little while yet – let’s take a look at the User Experience of the PS5 (for those of us who are yet to get our hands on one).

    What is the PlayStation Twitter Account?


    The PlayStation Twitter account is Sony PlayStation’s main PlayStation-focused social media account. PlayStation used to have PlayStation accounts for Europe and PlayStation US, but these were merged into one PlayStation account.

    They mainly post about PlayStation updates such as PlayStations sales figures, new PlayStation games announcements, PlayStation console releases (eg. PlayStation Day), PlayStation events and the PlayStation League etc.

    They also post updates on their other social media accounts such as PlayStation Vue, PlayStation Now and PlayStation Music which are run by different subsidiaries of Sony PlayStation. 

    The account is primarily run by PlayStation Customer Service and PlayStation business specialists.

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