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The UXPLATE Brainstorming Box 2x – Adobe PDF Template is now available here for you to download.

What is a Brainstorming Box 2x?
Brainstorming Boxes are a quick, easy way to push out UI/UX wireframing and prototyping ideas and sketches onto paper. It’s a really important step in the user experience process and we find using a pen and paper before moving to the computer dramatically increases our results.

When should I use my Brainstorming Box?
Generally starting with the 8x Brainstorming Box you can get out multiple ideas really quickly. This is great for instance – if you are ready to do a brain dump or if you’ve just finished some intelligence gathering eg. after some user interviews.

You can use these templates any way you like for example:

  • Using the 8x Brainstorming Box to design 8 homepage ideas or 8 differing form ideas.
  • Using the 8x box to develop a typical sign-up flow or checkout cart flow.

Once we have a bunch of ideas down we like to refine things to a more detailed version of the idea by moving over to this product the Brainstorming Box 2x. With this User Experience template we can:

  • Developing out the 2 best versions from out 8 ideas; or
  • Stack the papers to design a more detailed set of workflows from the initial thought process.

Is my Brainstorming Box UXPLATE important?
You will develop a process flow that works for you as you refine your skills as a UI/UX User Experience designer and developer but we love using our Brainstorming Boxes and we feel they are an essential part of our workflow so we hope you get some use out of them too.

Brainstorming 2Box


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