Empathy Map 1.0.0

Developed by our resident UXPLATE UI/UX Experts

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The UXPLATE Empathy Map is now available here for you to download.


What is an Empathy Map?
User experience researchers use Empathy Mapping to help understand what the customer is thinking, feeling, seeing, hearing and saying. Empathy Maps help to create a more effective user-centric conversation.


When should I use my Empathy Map UXPLATE?
Download our Empathy Map UXPLATE and get into the shoes of your customer.

Use it to visualize and articulate what you currently know about your customers and create a shared understanding of their needs to help make better decisions.


Is my Empathy Map UXPLATE important?
Empathy Mapping helps you keep up to date with customer beliefs, behaviors and opinions. It is a great way to help you ensure the customer is the focus of every decision.

Adobe InDesign Empathy Map


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