Google Docs Checklist Template 001

Developed by our resident UXPLATE UI/UX Experts

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The Google Docs Checklist Template is now available here for you to download.


What are Google Docs?

Google Docs Checklist Templates have been around since Google Docs’ inception. 

Google Docs is Google’s answer to Microsoft Word. 

Google Docs Checklist Templates have been constantly upgraded over the years and come with many features that are typically found in Microsoft-based environments, but Google Checklist Templates don’t stop there. 

Google has gone above and beyond their competition by implementing Google Drive. This allows for real-time collaborative editing within documents themselves.

Google Docs

What is this Google Docs Checklist Template?

The Google Docs Checklist Template allows for users to create checklists, which include items that can be checked off or unchecked.

This Google Docs Checklist Template is completely customizable and editable, allowing you to make it your own by adding your company logo and other contact information along with changeable text throughout the template itself.

Why do UI/UX designers love Google Slides Presentation Templates?

UI/UX designers love Google Docs for being able to add customizable templates quickly, easily and cheaply.

Google Drive is compatible with Microsoft Office files such as MS Word, so users don’t have to worry about converting files from one format into another. In addition to this Google Docs have offline capabilities allowing UX designers and developers to be able to work while on the go.

Google Docs Checklists can contain several features such as:

  • Unlimited checklist items.
  • Ability to color-code items by priority or status.
  • Google Drive compatibility with Microsoft Office files.
Google Docs Checklist Template


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