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The Google Slides Presentation Templates Deck is now available here for you to download.

What are Google Slides?

Google Slides Presentation Templates have been around since 2005. Google Slides replaced Google Presentations in 2013.

Google Slides presentations can be used for anything from a product presentation to an idea explanation.

Google Slides

What is this Google Slides Presentation Template?

This template helps users to create professional-looking Google slides presentations with little effort or experience necessary. Google Slides Presentation Templates can be used to teach concepts, ideas and information to employees and students, as well as for self-expression via presentations. 

Why are Google Slides Presentation Templates important for User Experience (UI/UX)?

Google Slides Presentation Templates allow Google Slides users to present their information in a more structured, easy-to-understand way. Google Slides Presentation templates help Google Slides users create faster presentations because these templates come with pre-determined slide layouts and design schemes that can be applied quickly.

Why do UI/UX designers love Google Slides Presentation Templates?

Since Google Slides is a Google product, Google has put its resources into making it as easy to use as possible. Google has kept Google Slides Presentation Templates simple yet beautiful with an interface that makes sense to users of all skill levels. Google

Slides Presentation Templates can be easily shared with Google Drive and Google keeps adding features to Google Slides with every update.

Google Slides Presentation Template



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