RADHR SEO Audit Checklist

Developed by our resident UXPLATE UI/UX Experts

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The UXPLATE / RADHR SEO Audit Checklist – Google Sheets Template is now available here for you to download.


Who is RADHR?

RADHR is a Data Intelligence company with a foundation spanning over 10 years of experience in digital and data management, commerce, mobile, user experience (UX), compliance, fraud and innovation.


What is a RADHR SEO Audit Checklist?

The RADHR SEO Audit Checklist is a great research starting point to evaluate questions about your target website… be it your own project or a client project. It covers many audit areas such as:

  • Initial coverage eg. The setup of Google Analytics
  • Website Performance eg. A checklist of stages such as Hosting and SSL
  • Content eg. Writes, Lists and Image requirements
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) eg. Titles, Heading and Meta Descriptions
  • Advanced Coverage Areas eg. Google my Business Listings etc..
    This checklist is a great tool to run through and see what ranking factors you might have missed out on during the setup of your latest personal or work project.

Why is SEO Audits important for User Experience (UI/UX)?

Search Engine Optimization is invaluable in keeping a website up to date. SEO audits are important in the user experience of your site for three reasons:

1. SEO Audit helps identify issues before ranking drops.
This means you will know what you need to do well ahead of time. SEO Audits run through many SEO best practices – as such they can be considered another form of quality assurance. 

2. SEO Audits allow you to keep on top of any changes that might affect your rankings
Google is well known for changing their algorithms or adjusting how their search engine works – conducting a regular (think monthly, quarterly or at minimum annually) audit allows you to help stay on top of that.

3. SEO Audits help ensure both internal and external linking strategies are up to scratch.
This will help ensure this is no link profile issues throughout the website.

RADHR SEO Audit Checklist


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