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The UXPLATE T-Chart UI/UX template – created in Adobe PDF printable format is now available for UX Club Members to download.

What is a T-Chart template?

Every issue has two sides to the story. This UX Template will allow you to make sense of your data – without the hours it would take to do analysis – all while saving your sanity.

T-Charts are great ways to assemble and break down your data into opposing view states that can then be easily disseminated. 

Now, we all have solutions at our fingertips.

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History of the T-Chart

T-Charts, sometimes known as T-Graphs, are a very effective way to share information in a diagrammatical form. They have been around for quite a long time and used across many formats of data.

T-Charts can be used to provide a quick view of an idea, show contrast between two opposing ideas, or break down a large idea into smaller components.

T-charts offer a clear analysis of data with little resistance from the viewer which makes them ideal for presentations and written documents too. 

The History of the T-chart dates back to 1918 when they were first introduced in mathematics by Pafnuty Chebyshev. T-Charts were later modified by T-Graphs in the 1950s to include T-Chart elements like Tline and Tlabel

T-Charts vs T-Graphs

T-Charts are also sometimes referred to as T-graphs; however, there is a slight difference between the two. The main reason that T-Graphs are mistaken for T-Charts mainly revolves around how they look.

T-Graphs resemble T outlines rather than boxes like T charts do. This makes it easy for people to mix up one over other especially if they’re not familiar with the terms or haven’t seen them before.

UXPLATE T-Chart Template


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