UX: Questions

Our resident UXPerts have compiled a list of the most frequently asked User Experience (UX), Design and Creative, Technical and Industry related questions. If you have a burning question that you would like answered then please send it through to us and we will answer it here.

What is data-driven design?

When we talk about ‘data-driven design‘ in terms of ‘user experience design (UI/UX)‘ it can be thought about as — using information that has been carefully gathered and curated during a research phase… for example

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Do you need a degree?

A common question we hear from people switching over to UX – especially those who may be switching late to in their career – is will I need a degree to land my first job

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What is WireFraming?

For the modern-day User Experience (UI/UX) practitioner – wireframing is a regularly practiced skill to layout and architect both functionality and content onto a page. When completing this task the UX’er will take into account

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