The main thing to remember when using a platform like Instagram is that it is a community of like-minded people… The ‘rules’ state that the content needs to be appropriate and authentic.
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    Founders of UX Series

    History of Instagram.

    Instagram was launched back in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and since then it has grown dramatically.

    How popular Instagram is as a social media platform can be understood by the fact that Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users who access the platform – with more than 500 million daily active users accessing globally..

    Instagram is also known as the best place to advertise for free. Instagram ads are highly targeted and Instagram is now an important marketing platform for all types of brands.


    Instagram was initially developed for iOS but Instagram for Android was launched later on. Instagram is also available as an application that can be used on Windows phones.

    • Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users.
    • Instagram ads are highly targeted and Instagram is now an important marketing platform for all types of brands.
    • Instagram was initially developed for iOS but Instagram for Android was launched later on.
    • Instagram is also available as an application that can be used on Windows phones.

    Practical User Experience

    When is Instagram commonly used?

    Instagram is used by people all over the world to share their life moments with others. Instagram is very popular with teenagers – with users mostly under the age of 30.

    Instagram is also getting increasingly popular among people who use the platform for business marketing. A tool that is very effectively used by businesses – making Instagram a great place to market your products and/or services.

    Instagram allows you to create business accounts that allow you to post photos of your products and/or services along with other promotional content such as text and videos.

    UI/UX Rulebook

    Are there any rules or tips to consider when using Instagram?

    The main thing to remember when using a platform like Instagram is that it is a community of like-minded people… The ‘rules’ state that the content needs to be appropriate and authentic.

    The following is some rules/tips that you should keep in mind when thinking about using Instagram as a platform for business as part of your User Experience strategy:

    • Your Instagram photos should be of high quality and represent your brand and/or products well.
    • Make sure not to use copyrighted images, watermarks or logos.
    • You must not post misleading or inappropriate content.
    • Instagram needs to be about real Instagram marketing. Treat Instagram as a community of people who communicate with each other.
    • Users like to feel that they are part of your Instagram marketing efforts.
    • Users obviously do NOT want to get spammed so you should share content that will interest them.
    • You have limited space on Instagram — Even if you have put out very high-quality photos your Instagram post can still fail if it does not meet Instagram’s community guidelines.

    UI/UX How To Series

    How do you actually get started with an Instagram Account?

    Instagram users include people from all over the world and of different age groups, gender and social standing. To create an Instagram account follow these steps:

    1. First, go over to Instagram’s website signup page.
    2. Type in your name into the ‘name’ box.
    3. Type in any email address that you have access to into the Instagram ’email’ box.
    4. Type in a password of your choice into the Instagram ‘password’ box.
    5. Click on the Instagram ‘Sign Up‘ button Instagram will then send an Instagram email verification link to your Instagram email address.

    UI/UX Benefits

    Why do UI/UX designers love Instagram?

    Instagram needs to be thought of as an important digital channel for business which is why Instagram should also play a role in your UX, UI and/or Design strategy.

    • Instagram can be used successfully as a tool that allows you to share moments.
    • Instagram is a great way for businesses to connect with customers and Instagram has 100 million Instagrammers.
    • Instagram is free to join and an important tool for User Experience.
    • Instagram is about sharing photos/videos of moments that matter with the people who you care about. It’s great way to stay connected on a regular basis.
    • Instagram is location-based so it allows you to share your life with others without having to edit or filter any images before you post them.
    • Tons of users on Instagram who are active on Instagram daily.
    • Instagram makes it super easy for people to find new products and services which they will love.
    • Instagram makes it very easy for brands to get involved with their consumer base.

    What are the types of posts that perform best on Instagram?

    From a User Experience perspective our research has concluded that the following types of posts tend to perform the best when utilising Instagram as a platform:

    Instagram Videos
    People like images and videos (Instagram supports both but Instagram video tends to perform better).

    • Instagram video size is limited to one minute.
    • Instagram videos autoplay.
    • Instagram allows you to create Instagram video ads as well.

    Pictures with people’s faces
    Instagram posts that contain images of people/faces tend to do perform better than those posts that only show objects such as products or services.

    Tell a story
    Instagram users like posts that tell a story, evoke emotions and inspire them.

    Be Authentic
    When using Instagram for business the key thing to remember is be authentic and keep it real.

    UI/UX Costs

    Is Advertising on Instagram an expensive exercise?

    The Instagram advertising platform is a powerful way to market your Instagram Business. Instagram ads can be purchased on a cost per click basis or as part of Instagram’s Instagram video Ads options which are Instagram video ads that play automatically in users’ feeds.

    Instagram Carousel Ads
    Instagram also offers Instagram Carousel Ads which allows users to swipe through various images and includes up to three photos and a link or Call To Action button. 

    Instagram Carousel ads can be purchased for as little as $1.00 – $2.50 per every 1,000 impressions depending on the targeting settings.

    Instagram Video Ads
    Video Ads within Instagram Video Ad product typically cost $75 per every 1,000 video views.

    Depending on your product and budget – Instagram Advertising can work out to be a very affordable platform for your marketing business.

    UI/UX Templates

    Download Templates From Our UX Club

    A great way to get started with Instagram Marketing is to use one of our UI/UX Templates. Members of our UX Club can simply pick any UI/UX template they need and download them.

    A great starting point here would be to download our Instagram Story template as part of your Design Planning or try out our T-Chart Template to assemble and break down your opposing view data to ensure your content is great before posting.

    Beginners & Students

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the main purpose of Instagram?

    Instagram was created as a mobile application that allows Instagram users to take photos, apply Instagram filters to the images then share these images on the platform.

    • It is an image/video sharing app for both iOS and Android devices.
    • There is now a web version of which will support photo posts but not video posts. If you want to post videos directly from your PC or Mac you’ll need to use the mobile app.

    What are some great supporting tools?

    With the emergency of Artificial Intelligence technology, we can now use writing tools such as Jarvis to help automatically create stories and caption posts for us. Most UX professionals, PR Professionals and Content Writers now have Boss Mode enabled to utilize the AI components to help boost creative thinking as part of their day-to-day process. You can have a 10k word free trial for being an UXPLATE Reader:

    Jarvis - Creat Content Faster and Smarter

    What are the main features/advantages of Instagram?

    Private Account
    Instagram allows you to have private accounts that only your approved followers can see your images/videos etc.

    Public Account
    Instagram also has a public account option where anyone can follow your images/videos etc whether you approve them or not.

    Tag other users
    You are able to tag other Instagram users in images/video posts so that their username automatically appears on top of the image/video post.

    Hashtagging images/videos
    Instagram allows you to tag images/video posts with relevant hashtags. Instagram also allows Instagram users to search Instagram photos and Instagram videos using the Instagram hashtag feature.

    Tag Brands
    You can also tag brands in your Instagram photo/videos so that they will appear on top of the post as well as on the sidebar, right-hand corner etc.

    Sharing other users content
    You are able to share Instagram photos/videos etc from other Instagram users on your own Instagram account by sharing their username and a link back to their content on your photo/video uploads etc.

    Direct Messaging
    If you have an Instagram business account then you can send direct messages from within your ‘Inbox’ page to other Instagram users who follow your Instagram business Instagram account.

    Marking time of images / videos
    You can set a date and time when uploading an Instagram photo/video so that it only appears in Instagram search results at certain times e.g if you upload an Instagram photo at 10am on Instagram then that Instagram photo will only be visible in Instagram search results between 9am and 11am in Instagram’s Instagram search time zone.

    Instagram also has an inbuilt Instagram calendar which you can see in the ‘Photos’ tab under ‘Calendar’. The Calendar shows you when the most popular times are to upload Instagram photos/videos etc so that they appear in Instagrams Instagram search results at certain times etc.

    Instagram allows Instagram users to comment on images/video posts which is a great feature for Instagram marketing Instagram SEO.

    Comment Likes
    Instagram also has a ‘Comment Likes’ feature which allows you to see how many people liked your Instagram comments etc underneath the Instagram title of that Instagram photo/video post.

    Commenting is a great way to interact with your Instagram community.

    You are able to comment on other users Instagram posts, Images/videos etc i.e. if another user uploads an image of themselves then you can choose to comment underneath that post or vice versa if you upload an Instagram photo of yourself then you can choose to Instagram comment on another Instagram users Instagram post etc.

    Instagram Comments allow Instagram users to include hashtags, @ mentions etc in Instagram comments etc.

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