The first step – Learning new skills

Like learning any new skill as a new UX practitioner you are going to need to start — Somewhere. In our humble opinion, the best place to start that is by actually ‘doing’ things and through this process of this course learning, we will do lots of ‘doing’ tasks.

First, let’s make sure we are set up to do our best work. Learning something new, building something from scratch, or taking a product to market is usually a fairly time-intensive exercise so it’s important we take a few minutes to get ourselves set up and ready to do things the right way.

Don’t stress out if you haven’t got everything or it’s not 100% perfect. Just get things set up so you are comfortable in the systems you work in. Being a good UX’er is about developing a process that works for you. You will often change and tweak it over the years to suit changes in lifestyle, job and even work requirements. Coffee helps too.

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