Hey, we're UXPlate.

We are a group of Resident UX’Perts with countless years of industry experience. We compiled
UXPlate as a way to gather our resource libraries and also pass on our knowledge and insight.

What we do

User Experience (UI/UX) Templates built for designers and developers by UX Experts so you will love doing UX.

Applying years of industry experience and some behavioural
science to our user experience templates
, we design engaging
digital products 
used by very satisfied user base.

Empathy Map 1.0.0
Brainstorming 8Box

Enterprise grade templates… that you will appreciate out of the box.

We have created human-centred enterprise grade user experience templates that have the polished, snappy feel of all the best consumer applications you have come to appreciate.

Build upon a base template that has conversion as a core principle.

As a UX’er you’re often tasked with knowing precisely what makes visitors buy and what might stop them from taking action. Our UXPerts have years of commerce industry experience with the biggest global brands. Our templates ensure your next great SaaS product doesn’t only have great looks – it will communicate the product value effectively.

Wireframe Banner 01A

We believe in DRY User Experience

What is DRY User Experience?

After working on many pythonic web based projects we opted to bring the the philosophy of DRY — ‘Don’t Repeat Yourself’ — coding principles into the world of User Experience. We aim to do this whenever possible to not get bogged down in the boring stuff so we can focus on what is important – generally solving real world problems for real world clients.

How do I apply it to modern User Experience (UX)

There is many ways to apply this in todays User Experience environment and it’s actually getting easier. Be it taking a ready made User Experience Template (UXPLATE) and using that as the foundational elements upon which to build or using SaaS software building tools to collaborate with your UX Team — there is many ways to ensure you are not repeating yourself during the UX design process. 

Smart templating has made the modern day UX’er faster, more durable and able to focus on much more compelling creative than ever before.  

Using our UXPLATES

Using some of our UXPLATES — be it a complete framework to wireframe out your entire desktop or mobile app, one of our UXPLATEs to use as the basis for your user testing, or simply printing out some of our UXPLATE scribble pads to make your storyboard quicker to produce – we hope you find something that makes your UX journey a little easier day to day.

Is UX a scrabble word?

Technically… No, UX is not in the scrabble dictionary… but it would be worth 9 points if it was and we feel it probably should be allowed. 

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